theculturedcrow replied to your post: [He was waiting outside the mental hospital, having had missed Gilbert quite a lot but he’d been told by the staff to wait for some reason, so he was impatiently strolling back and forth]

[His wings twitched, and he slowly turned around before a faint smile crossed his features.] Gil- [He said it softly before turning and pulling him into a tight hug] Are you truly out? Can I finally take you with me?

[He let out a breathy laugh, almost a huff, when he was pulled into the hug, and he returned the embrace.] Yeah! I’m out, finally. ‘S about time, too!

[He was waiting outside the mental hospital, having had missed Gilbert quite a lot but he'd been told by the staff to wait for some reason, so he was impatiently strolling back and forth]

[One suitcase packed with his possessions rolled behind the Prussian as he headed out his room, down that filthy, claustrophobic hall, and into the near-empty space of the waiting room. He took a deep breath of what was familiarity; cramped, almost stiff air seemed too thick to breathe as if the patients’ illnesses were airborne. But soon he’d be breathing fresh air, never had to see the unkempt face of his manipulative neighbor, didn’t have to deal with that old lady who was convinced she was sixteen and hot as shit, and he didn’t have to deal with huddling in the corner, afraid of monsters as much as a child.

Gilbert could see the other pacing outside, and he grinned a full grin that hadn’t been worn in years. And so the door was opened and he stepped through, tapping on the other’s shoulder as his back was briefly turned.]


I miss you. They've hidden me away and I'm lucky enough to be able to access a phone. I love you. Be safe.


Shit. Uh.

Love you too, Gilbie. ‘M sorry I haven’t called any, or anything.

But I’m out now! It’s.. It’s all right if I visit, right?


The crow hybrid glanced up, staring at the mansion with a curious and anxious gaze. There wasn’t much time to stare, as he was quickly tugged along and inside. The man leading him, handed him over to a maid of sorts and told her to get him cleaned up. He could understand that, his wings and skin were rather dusty from having been sitting in a cage for most of the morning. He was led off to a washroom and scrubbed down, keeping quiet all the while. The servants passing by would ask him questions from time to time but eventually gave up as he stayed silent. Speaking was something he’d nearly forgotten how to do after such a long time of being silent, but he at least understood whatever he was told. After getting cleaned, he was left alone for a moment and he absentmindedly scratched under his collar.

At least he could tell by this point that they weren’t simply going to treat him like nothing, though he didn’t know if that would change once he was introduced to his owner. The maid came back and ushered him out of the washroom, and into a large parlour like room where there were cozy seats and a fireplace. She had him sit down and told him that he would be meeting the ‘young master’ shortly. He presumed that meant the son of who owned the house. He twiddled his thumbs as she left again, then took to smoothing out his feathers. Whoever was owning him, he did want to make a good impression. The crow had no desire to go back to living in a cage.

A knock on his door interrupted him, and he gritted his teeth in frustration. By now, he wasn’t very fond of the servants’ fussing over him as if he was a fragile little doll made of porcelain, and they knew that. However, it was part of their job, no matter how much Gilbert showed open derision at their frequent check-ups to make sure he wasn’t freaking out over something presumably “fake.” He called them in anyway, was introduced into the situation, and immediately his hard exterior melted away even as the maid made an attempt to smooth out his hair as she led him through the halls to their destination. Once her back was turned, however, he ran a hand through his hair and ruffled, just to disobey. She didn’t seem to notice as the door was opened and he was ushered inside.

Introduced as Gilbert Beilschmidt to his permanent guest, the albino took the time to look his new, ah.. companion over. Those were wings, not designs on a poorly-made shirt, and rather than socks those were… something unpleasant. They reminded him of his hallucinations, and his jaw visibly tightened as his ruby eyes found their way to them. The similarities went almost unnoticed; Gilbert was too busy with the abnormalities he wasn’t expecting. The door closed behind the maid after she made some comment about getting situated with each other, although Gilbert was suspicious she would either be waiting outside or she’d check on them again soon. After a brief moment of silence, he cleared his throat awkwardly, just noticing the same pale hair and odd eyes as his own, and momentarily had a superstitious thought that was pushed away. He wasn’t very good with making friends, acquaintances, saying hello to strangers—anything. His illusions could be thanked for that; it was drilled into his head that other beings weren’t to be trusted, human or animal.

“… Hello.”